Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
IFilterPacketFilter and/or slice a packet
IFullDuplexPacketInformation about a packet received on a full duplex network
IMediaUtilsNetwork media utilities
INotifySend a notification about an event
IPacketBasic packet interface
IPacketLayersAccess protocol layers in a packet
IPacketSpecsGet addresses and protocol information from a packet
IPeekPluginExposes information about the Distributed Analysis Module
IPeekPluginAboutShow information about a Distributed Analysis Module
IPeekPluginLoadLoad/unload a Distributed Analysis Module
IPeekPluginOptionsShow Distributed Analysis Module options
IProcessPacketProcess a packet
IProcessTimeDo processing at regular time intervals
IProtoSpecsProtoSpec access routines
IResetProcessingReset processing, for example the clearing statistical counters
ISummarizePacketSummarize a packet for display in a packet list
ISummaryStatsSnapshotSummary statistics snapshot
IUpdateSummaryStatsUpdate summary statistics
PacketLayerInfoProtoSpec, header, and payload information for a layer in a packet
PeekSummaryStatSummary statistic
PeekSummaryStatValueSummary statistic value
PeekSummaryStatValuePairSummary statistic value pair
TMediaSpecMedia spec data and type info