The LiveAction Omni Distributed Analysis Module (DAM) SDK provides a Visual Studio .NET Wizard that can be used to generate the beginnings of an Omni DAM in C++. This generated DAM also includes some sample code that illustrates how to use a small subset of the APIs available in this SDK.

The Wizard is installed into Visual Studio .NET by running the installer executable found in the Wizards directory of this SDK. The filename for this installer contains "OmniCubed".

The Omni DAM is used by both the Omnipeek console and the Omni Engine. If Omnipeek and the Omni Engine are running on the same computer, you only need to install one copy of the DAM. If Omnipeek and the Omni Engine are running on different computers, a copy of the DAM must be installed on each computer.

The DAM APIs make extensive use of Component Object Model (COM) interfaces. Because of this, it is necessary to register the DAM with Windows. Use the Windows regsvr32 program to do this. For example, if the filename for the DAM is "MyDAM.dll", the DAM is registered with Windows by the command "regsvr32 MyDAM.dll".

Omni provides a set of COM interfaces that can be used by DAMs. The DAMs themselves must also provide one or more COM interfaces that are used by Omni. See Distributed Analysis Module Operation for information about the COM interfaces provided by Omni and those provided by Distributed Analysis Modules.

Some APIs make reference to ProtoSpecs. ProtoSpecs are used by Omni to identify a protocol and are defined in an XML file. New ProtoSpec definitions can be added this XML file. Once a new ProtoSpec has been defined, the protocol associated with the ProtoSpec appears in the Protocols column of the packet list as well as in the Protocols tab of the remote capture window. See ProtoSpecsXML.php for information about creating a new ProtoSpec definition.

This SDK cannot be used to develop Analysis Modules that are used for Omnipeek local captures, for this you must use the Peek Analysis Module SDK. The Peek Analysis Module SDK is also provided with this distribution and contains its own Wizard, documentation, and source files.