Raising the Bar… on Filters!

Jim Thor – WildPackets Professional Services

If you have upgraded to Omni 5.0, which was recently released, you have probably noticed the new Filter Bar. This bar may completely change the way you make and apply filters. The really nice part about the Bar is that you can now manipulate filters using operators, and create expressions, to give you unlimited options when dealing with filters. It is also very handy for quickly applying expressions or filters simply by typing in what you want.

One thing to remember with the Filter Bar is now that you can mix and match filters to your hearts content, you may want to change the way you write filters by making simpler filters, and then batch them or nest them together to get the results you need. So rather than building one filter for HTTP traffic to your web farm, build one for HTTP and another for your web farm. Then you can use them individually any time you need.

As Yoda would say, “Unbelievable is the power, but practice it will take.”