Itís All About Timing!

Jim Thor, WildPackets Professional Services

This tip will include both a tip as well as a warning. Letís cover the tip first.

Sometimes, you may find that you want to save files that match the timeframe of the statistics output you are doing. Omni 5 added a new capture feature that will allow you to save files based on a specific time interval. It will allow you to save a new file every Ďxí amount of time. The benefit of this is that now you can save statistics output at the same interval as your file save interval, which will make them directly correlate for future reference.

There is a potential down side to this option. It is possible that you will create very large files, which may not be able to be reopened, if you are wrong about the amount of data that will traverse your network over a specific period of time. You could use PeekSplit.exe (a utility that is included in the /bin directory of your Omni install directory) to split apart the file if it is too large to open, but this is not a great solution if time is of the essence. So be careful!

So, timing is everything. Youíve heard it, and now you see it. And now you can have saved files that match the time intervals of your Statistics Output.